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Cardiff Gala Weekend - 19th-20th April 2009

Five of our members competed this weekend with mainly positive but also some less happy results.  With the National C competitors on the Saturday this was a busy day in which all started well with all delivering solid set-round performances.  Whilst Anthony, Chrissie & Charlotte maintained this in the voluntary round, though, Hannah, unusually, made a mistake in her Vol falling from 4th place after the set to 39th and missing finals for the first time at this level.  With Anthony and Charlotte both in finals, we saw Anthony miss his chance at a podium position dropping back to 7th but Charlotte catching up to equal 2nd on score but in 3rd on tie-break by 0.1.

On Sunday we had just the one competitor, Stephen Page but following hot on the heels of his success at the Georgia Cordery Open last weekend, he competed strongly rising from 7th after the set to 4th going into the final and then, with all scores zeroed, taking a podium position in 3rd place in the final.

Their scores were:

Competitor Group Set Vol SubT Place Zero Final Place Qualification
Stephen Page FIG B Jnr. Male 23.4 21.5+10.1 31.6 55.0 4/29 22.5+10.1 (32.6) 3rd Promotion offer
Anthony Williams Nat C Snr. Male 22.1 21.2+7.5 28.7 50.8 4/21 20.8+7.5 (28.5) 7th Nationals
Chrissie Law Nat C Jnr. Female 22.4 22.9+5.1 28.0 50.4 24/62     Nationals
Charlotte Webb Nat C Youth Girls 22.9 22.7+6.4 29.1 52.0 4/67 23.1+6.4 (29.5) 3rd Promotion offer
Hannah McCann Nat C Youth Girls 23.4 19.7+6.2 25.9 49.3 39/67