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2006 competitions

Click on the links for competition reports.

Date Event Report Venue
15th January Grade 3-5 Report Hitchin
5th March Grade 1 Report Hull
12th March Ipswich Open Report Ipswich
12th March National Schools Report Birmingham
18th March Grade 1 Report Southend-on-Sea
26th March Grade 3-5 Report Brentwood
22nd April Grade 1 Report Cardiff
21st May Grade 1 Report Harrow
3rd June Grade 1 Report South Shields
11th June Grade 3-5 Report Harlow
1st July Australian Championships Report Brisbane, Australia
2nd July Recoil Invitational Report Brentwood
8th-9th July London Youth Games Report Crystal Palace
15th July National Finals Report Birmingham
9th September 34th Trampoline Friendship Cup Report Kladno, Czech Republic
30th September GB vs. Germany (Youth Match) Report Rottenbach, Germany
8th October Grade 3-5 Report Ipswich
5th November Brentwood Open Report Brentwood
3rd December Regional Schools Report Lea Valley & London