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Trampoline links

The following are the links we most use to find out what is happening in the world of trampolining:

Gillingham Jumpers website is a good source of technical information.  Site managed by Martin Laws.
British Gymnastics - the official web-site for trampolining and now getting better with the Coaches Network (which needs logon).
West View Trampoline Community provide some good material worth reading as well. The site is associated with its founding club now called Central Lancashire TC.
Eastern Counties Gymnastics Association - launched in March 2007 to provide a central source of information about clubs and BG organisation in the region.
Sports Coach UK providing useful coaching tips.
Acrobatic Sports - a website with some good video clips of moves and invariable first port of call when trying to get international results.
Trampolining-Online - a new website designed by Jehan Shaw with the specific intention of providing resources to the trampoline community. Trampolining-Online - Complete trampolining resource for coaches and trampolinists
Melvins Trampoline Plaza is a multi-lingual/-national site managed by Melvin Kok in the Netherlands. 
Gymnastics Rescue is an interesting website providing useful insights into injury (and its prevention & treatment) and nutrition in particular. Gymnastics Injuries and Gymnastics Advice
Night Flyers website offers a range of services including a comprehensive club indexing facility to help you find your closest club(s).