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Georgia's Open Medal CentreGeorgia's Teenage Cancer Appeal - Open Trampoline Competition - 19th April 2009

The Trampoline Clubs in Brentwood were proud to be supporting this appeal by organizing this competition to help Georgia meet her fundraising targets.  In due course we hope to be able to report how much was raised here but early indications are that approximately £1,500 will have been raised before costs, we will be happy to pass on any further donations.  The full results for all panels and groups are are available for download in PDF format whilst posted below is a Brentwood-centric report of our own members' performances.

This competition also saw the introduction of the G. Cordery Form Shields - perpetual trophies intended to be used within the region for a suitable competition each year.  There are two shields, one for junior and the other for senior competitors (split here as under and over 15).  The format for this was simple - the competitor scoring the highest marks for form only over 2 rounds would win.  The winners on this inaugural outing for the shields were Charlotte Webb (junior) and Stephen page (senior) both from Brentwood Trampoline Club and both scoring 48.5.

You may also like to read a little more about the appeal further below. 

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Brentwood Trampoline Club Members' report

Under 9 & 11 Boys & Girls

We had 7 first-time competitors with some really excellent performances from some who are really still quite new to this, with 26 competitors our members were placed as follows:

There were several teams in this group as well and the team of Sophie, Alex, Mollie & Joe took the 2nd place certificates.

Under 13 & 15 Boys & Girls

Some more first-time competitors doing even better in their group of 13 as follows:

... they also won Team certificates in first place.

Regional G

Under 9 & 11 Boys & Girls

No newbies in this one but some good progress was made by all with the results out of 14 being as follows:

... they also won team certificates in 2nd place.

Under 13 Girls

Two more experienced performers in this group of 16 placed as follows:

Under 13/15 Boys

In this group of 8 we only had one performer, Jamie Perry, but he did well with a new PB1 and equalling his PB2 to take 2nd place.

Under/Over 17 G&H

With 10 in this group we had two relatively new competitors who performed well:

Regional F

All Under 13

Another singleton here in this group of 10, with Joseph Dulieu-Hasler, still new to the grade and bedding in, achieving 9th.

All Over 13

Another singleton but this time another medal with Abbie Goldsmith winning this group of 8.

Regional E

All Female

With a small team in this group of 12 the girls took 2nd place team certificates and individually performed as follows:

Regional D

All Female

With only one performer in this 15-strong group we saw Emma Frost finish in 6th place.

All Male

Although only 5 in this group, Daniel Frost performed well to equal his previous PB1 and add a whole mark to his PB2 and, in the process, took 2nd place.

National C

With 12 entries in this group our girls took team 1st certificates and the following places:


A small turnout in this with just 4 entries but Stephen Page performed impressively to win the group, equalling his previous PB1 and beating his PB2 to also take the Senior G Cordery Form Shield.

Compilation of News Items from Georgia's School website and the local Gazette Newspaper

Georgia Cordery, 13, is a brave teenager with a rare form of cancer. Georgia and her family have decided selflessly to set up Georgia's Teenage Cancer Appeal to raise funds for research into her rare form of cancer and to support other families on her ward at University College Hospital, London (UCLH), where she has chemotherapy. The appeal will also support Trevor Sorbie's charity, My New Hair, after the famous hairdresser created a wig for Georgia.

Georgia was joined by local celebrities, friends and family on 30th January to officially launch the appeal, ‘Georgia's Teenage Cancer Appeal' (GTCA). There will be a series of high profile events to follow, which will be held over the next 9 months.

Georgia's mother, Mrs Sue Cordery, gave an emotional and moving speech and expressed her gratitude to Georgia's school friends for their support. She also thanked attendees at the launch for their presence on such a moving occasion and expressed her support to other families at the teenage cancer ward at the University College Hospital, London.

Mrs Cordery said the appeal would provide Georgia and her family with monthly activities to look forward to. On this particular occasion the stars came out for Georgia in the form of Tony Cottee, famous former English footballer turned Sky Sports commentator, Elliot Jordan, who currently plays Callum in Eastenders, Nick Berry former Eastender and Heartbeat actor and Christian Dailly, Scottish footballer.

The Cordery family have had their lives turned upside down since Georgia's diagnosis in June, just three days before her 13th birthday, but Georgia is determined to beat cancer and wants to continue living a normal life. She attends school at every opportunity and even continues to play for the school netball team. Georgia's father, Mr Peter Cordery, also mentioned that Georgia's recent school report was outstanding.

On the day of the launch all attendees donned GTCA t-shirts as designed by Georgia herself and these will be on sale at the GTCA Open competition with all proceeds going to GTCA.