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BG - 41492

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Committee membership

The club is supported by many parents and a very active committee which comprises:

Chairman Jan Semon
Membership Secretary Tracey Toft
Treasurer Angela Cremer
Welfare Officers Dave Kingaby (lead pro tem)
Celia Badley
Allison Marshall (in training)
Minute Secretary Allison Marshall
Competitions Secretary (up to grade D and Opens) Nina Gray
Fundraising Co-ordinator Helen Roycroft
Home Competitions Organiser Nina Gray
Jack Petchey Coordinator Celia Badley
Volunteer Co-ordinator Celia Badley
Parent Representatives Lisa Sparkes
Junior Representative Vacant
... as well as the senior coaching staff:
Head Coach and Chief Safety Officer Paul Kitchen
Press Officer and webmaster Dave Kingaby

The committee typically meets monthly depending on upcoming activities to be dealt with.