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Brentwood in Essex

The following links will help you learn a little more about where we are and where we train.

Brentwood School - our training venue
Brentwood Borough Council website including a wealth of information about the facilities and services they provide including sports-related. 
Knowhere Guide to Brentwood - providing a more jaundiced view of our rural retreat perhaps.
Pickapub guide to Brentwood watering holes. 
Accommodation in Brentwood for when you want to come visit us.
Boredtown Brentwood - a grumpy old man's take on Brentwood.  Some interesting material here about Brentwood history as well.
Tour UK Tourist information - all the sights to see in and around Brentwood (including the secret nuclear bunker - so secret it is fully sign-posted from the town centre).
Wikipedia - yes Brentwood even has its own entry in the online encyclopaedia!
Essex Local - a directory site for local businesses, clubs and other organisations to advertise their existence.
Just Essex - another local directory site. Just Essex