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Opportunities for work within Brentwood Trampoline Club

At present we are looking for people to help fill the following roles:


We currently have more trampolines than we can use and are looking for extra coaches to redress that.  Ideally we would like to recruit at least one coach who has previously performed at a national level (or at least grade 3) with a Club Coach or better qualification.  We are also looking for additional coaches (or suitable candidates willing to train as a coach) for recreational and junior development groups.  Please contact Dave or Paul if you are interested.


At every competition we are required to provide approximately one official for the entire day for every 4 entries.  Over the past year or so this task has fallen onto an increasingly small number of volunteers who have regularly supported us even when their own children have not been competing.   Fortunately not all officials have to be judges but we do need additional judges to be trained in order to spread the load more fairly and, also, to ensure that as your children progress to national level competition, there is a good chance that at least one coach will be sufficiently qualified to allow them to enter.   Courses typically run over a weekend and the club will pay the course fees on your behalf and related British Gymnastics membership fees.  Again, please contact Dave or Paul if you are interested.


In January we started a small-scale conditioning programme to complement the trampoline training.  The take-up was good and we are now looking to expand the scheme to cover all sessions and all days.  To do this we need volunteers to help our conditioning organiser in every session.  Volunteers ought to at least have some exposure to fitness training either as an instructor or regular participant.  Ideally, if we get sufficient volunteers, you may only need to provide your services at times your own child is bouncing.  If you are interested in helping us with this initiative please contact Dave or Paul.


As a GymMark accredited club we are always looking for those who can help us maintain the essential records and undertake key work programmes for the club designed to help the members develop further.  If you feel you might have some time to help with this please let any of the committee members or coaches know.  Not all of the work requires a detailed knowledge of trampolining and so volunteers with other skills may well be able to help us address the following main topic areas: