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South Shields Gala Weekend - 5th June 2011

With just 3 National C performers, Dan Frost, Susanna Badley & Chrissie Law, turning out for this competition our main interest was in the Sunday of this gala weekend.  Competing first thing in teh morning was Dan Frost, competing for teh first time at this level in the 13-strong Under-19 Male C group. Tasked with simply doing enough to avoid a caution he warmed up well but then having completed the most difficult part of his set lost his way after just 6 moves. His voluntary round went better and in the end fortune smiled on him two others made bigger errors leaving him one place clear of a caution.

Next to compete was Susanna Badley in the first flight of the 33-strong Under 15 Female C group.  Susanna performed sublimely being 1.2 points clear after set, 1.8 after voluntary (despite having one of the lowest tariffs) and then, after a nail biting wait for the remaining two flights to finish, she sailed away in the final to win by 2.7 gaining a promotion offer and nationals qualification along the way.

The final competitor of the day was Chrissie Law in the 2nd flight of the 47-strong Under 19 Female C group.  Posting a strong set score Chrissie was well placed, 2nd overall in fact but, of course, unaware of this at the time; her voluntary routine was well performed and, after waiting for the final two flights to end, saw her placed 4th going into the final.  A determined attempt in the final saw Chrissie improve markedly over her voluntary round but other competitors also raised their game and so she had to settle for 4th place, missing 3rd by just 0.1 but picking up a new PB3 on the way as well as further qualification to nationals and FIG B.

Their scores were:

Competitor Group Set Vol SubT Final Total Place Qualification
Daniel Frost U19 Male C 12.2 (6) 20.2 + 5.6 25.8 38.0       11 / 13  
Susanna Badley U15 Female C 24.6 23.9 + 5.7 29.6 54.2 24.5 + 5.7 30.2 84.4 1 / 33 Nationals, FIG B
Chrissie Law U19 Female C 23.8 22.4 + 6.8 29.2 53.0 ~ 23.5 + 6.8 30.3 83.3 4 / 47 Nationals, FIG B

~ = PB
 ☺ New PB