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GB vs. Germany Youth Match

This annual event has seen a number of Brentwood TC members competing over the years including Hannah & James Davies - this year it was Scott Gregory making his debut as a GB youth international.

Scott's story of his first international experience is given below.  The official press release can be seen here.

Scott Gregory performing Straight Barani Scott Gregory with team winners medal
Scott training in his GB leotard Scott and his team winners medal

GB won the match overall with Scott taking 4th place in the under-15 boys. The under-15 boys' result was as follows:

Place Name Set Vol Final
Score Rank Form+Diff SubT Rank Form+Diff Total
1 Jochen Redekop D 25.0 1 23.1 + 9.4 57.5 1 23.4 + 9.4 90.3
2 Steven Williams GB 23.8 3 21.9 + 11.2 56.9 2 21.3 + 11.2 89.4
3 Nick Nowak D 23.6 4 22.5 + 8.3 54.4 4 23.0 + 8.3 85.7
4 Scott Gregory GB 22.9 5 20.5 + 11.1 54.5 3 20.0 + 11.1 85.6
5 Oliver Amann D 24.8 2 8.6 + 6.3 (5) 39.7 5 22.7 + 10.3 72.7
6 Nathan Bailey GB 5.0 (3) 6 21.6 + 10.5 36.1 6 20.2 + 10.5 66.8

Scott's Story

My trip to Germany with the under 15 GB team started off with disaster. My mum had written down the wrong date!!  She thought we were going Friday when in fact we were going Thursday.

The first thing I knew of the problem was when John Beer (team coach) tried to ring me in the middle of a lesson at school (did I get in trouble). Then my dad texted me telling me they had made a mistake and that the rest of the team were waiting for me at the airport “PANIC”.

Then mum turned up at school dragged me out of lesson and whizzed me home, only to find out we were too late and couldn’t make the flight.

After a lot of phoning around, trying find out what we could do, and trying to book new flights for dad to take me out to Germany, BG's travel arranger got back to us to tell us they had managed to get me on a flight on Friday morning, more panic on mum's part, who was I going to travel with!! If I went on my own I would probably end up in Australia as I would have to change planes in Frankfurt.

More phoning around and she managed to find out Katie’s mum was travelling at the same time on the same flight, so she agreed to meet us at the airport and travel with me (phew).

Katie’s mum was really nice but the journey was a nightmare, like the rest of the team the day before we missed our connection at Frankfurt and had to wait three hours for another plane.

We didn’t arrive at our hotel till really late, but everyone was waiting up for us to arrive which was really good and made me feel better.

When I finally arrived in Germany, at the hotel the coaches were there to greet me.

John showed me to my room and told me hat was happening the next day. In the morning we went training from 9:30 till 11:30 then we went back to the hotel and had a drink and sat down for a bit. The competition started at 4:00 so we left at 2:00 to go and train and warm up so we were limber for the competition, that was when my nerves kicked in, after waiting for everyone to compete it was my go, I step onto the trampoline and everyone was silent, I felt I had never been under this sort of pressure before, but having my coach in the audience made me feel better because the other performers did not have their coaches with them. The whole way through my routine I was very very nervous, but I did it, and it felt good. Once I had done the routine I just sank because all the nerves had run out of my body. Great Britain had won again.

Later on that night there was a party at the local church and everyone was there.

The whole trip was a success and I really enjoyed myself and got on with everyone. I’d love to do it again!

Scott Gregory