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18th World Age Group Championships - Quebec

Three of our top Grade 1 members, Matthew Wright (17-18 age group), Stephen Page (13-14 age group) & Scott Gregory (15-16 age group) travelled to Quebec in the company of their coach, Paul Kitchen, for these biennial championships.  Competing over three days following a few days training in the Pavillon de Jeunesse, each of the lads had just one opportunity to demonstrate their abilities with a single voluntary routine in order to qualify to the final round.  In groups of up to 70 performers only the top 6 got to compete again!  Their individual results were as follows:

Matthew Wright - on day 1 scored 21.7+14.2 (35.9) in the prelims qualifying to finals in 5th place.  Second to compete in the finals, Matt went into first place scoring an improved 22.2+14.6 (36.8) only to be overhauled by the next to compete - seemingly the pressure was then too much for the remaining 3 competitors who all failed to even match their previous round scores leaving Matt in second place overall.

Stephen Page - on day 2 scored 21.5+9.2 (30.7) in the prelims, unfortunately Stephen's score was not enough to make the finals and he ended in 33rd place overall.  Stephen also competed in the synchro competition with GB team-mate Jordan George after minimal training together - the resulting score of 29.0+8.2 (37.2) reflected improved form scores for Stephen but were still not sufficient to make the finals.

Scott Gregory - on day 3 scored 22.0+13.2 (35.2) in the prelims agonizingly close to the 6th placed performer's 35.5 but still leaving him out of the finals.  Nevertheless Scott's score gave him 11th place and left him the highest placed GB performer in this age group confirming his national standing.

Detailed results were available in PDF at the competition organisers' website which no longer appears to be available - an alternative is to look at a contemporary blog at