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The club is thriving

Winning U13 G team

More winners at Easton
Winning ways at Easton
Brentwood Trampoline Club has recently demonstrated that it continues to thrive and consistently deliver excellent results in competition.  Having been reaffirmed as a Gold Brentwood Academy Club member, the club proved its credentials by organising the largest competition to take place in the region this year where it also delivered strong results as it did at the recent British Gymnastics Eastern grading competition.

Brentwood Open

The Brentwood Open was a great success although tinged with a degree of sadness as the two premier awards of the event were the Georgia Cordery Form trophies.  These were introduced last year at a special open competition to support Georgia’s Teenage Cancer Appeal and will now be a lasting memorial as they are awarded to the junior and senior competitors at a regional event each year who achieve the best form scores.  As in their inaugural year, Brentwood members won both trophies with Hannah McCann securing the senior and Joshua Newman the junior.  This years competition gave novice competitors an opportunity to perform and nearly 300 entered in total ranging from young beginners to established national competitors.  As well as the form trophies, Brentwood’s members also secured 5 wins (Becky Tompkinson, Joe Harris, Joshua Newman, Susanna Badley & Hannah McCann), 3 runners-up (Faith Everett, Georgia Lewis & Chrissie Law) and 5 third-places (Gemma Pratt, Fiona Humphries, Madison Merritt, Georgia Walker & Daniel Frost) as well as 6 winning team results.

Regional Grading

The Eastern Region Grading competition took place at Easton College, Norwich on a cold day in an unheated tennis centre; the chill didn’t affect the club’s members though.  With 21 members competing, 14 achieved individual medal places with 6 winners (Joe Harris, Alexandra Bartkowiak, Maddison Merritt, Charlotte Hussey, Joshua Newman & Susanna Badley), 3 runners-up (Faith Everett, Emma Brereton & Abbie-Jo Goldsmith), 5 third-placed (Georgia Tyrrell, Joseph Dulieu-Hasler, Natalie Shade, Lauren Michaels & Emma Frost) and two winning teams.  More importantly, as a grading competition, 9 qualified to higher grade competition (Alexandra Bartkowiak, Joe Harris, Faith Everett, Georgia Tyrrell, Maddison Merritt, Emma Brereton, Joshua Newman, Lauren Michaels & Susanna Badley), 2 of them (Alexandra & Joe) with the option to leap-frog a grade. The club is now looking forward to next year’s competition season with an increased number of national competitors.
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(Detailed results are available at Brentwood Open & Easton Grading.)