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Matt Wright & Scott Gregory - Synchro Winners

Scott's on the Up

Following a successful domestic competition season in which he finished 3rd at the UK national trampolining championships (under-17); local Chingford schoolboy, Scott Gregory (age 15), has turned his sights to international competition.  Gaining automatic selection for two internationals this year based on his successes, Scott was also delighted that his performance had caught the eyes of local Sports Development Officials and Tessa Sanderson CBE who have invited him to join other Waltham Forest athletes in membership of the prestigious Newham Sports Academy, an initiative designed very much with 2012 in mind.

In his first formal international outing of the year Scott joined other GB team mates in Sheffield where they were competing against the Canadian and German teams.  Although overall the GB  team won the competition, the under-18 boys team, of which Scott was a member, was narrowly shaded by the much older (and stronger) German team collecting 278.3 against their 289.3 points although the Canadians (249.3) were well behind GB.  Scott's performance was his strongest ever; scoring 3 personal best scores it was key in keeping the GB team in touch since he finished in joint 3rd place of the 12 youngsters competing and, importantly, ahead of the two GB lads who had beaten him at the National Finals.

With the next formal International being the World Age Championships in Canada this November, Scott again hit the international stage the other week when he and his training partner from Brentwood Trampoline Club, Matt Wright (a fellow GB international and 2nd placed GB national finalist in the over-17 age group), travelled to Prague for the 35th International Friendship Cup competition.  With no less than 10 full international teams competing, as well as many others entered individually, Scott (pictured centre-front) & Matt (pictured centre-back) were delighted to win the synchronised competition in which they both had to perform the same routine to a consistently high level of performance and as near identical timing as possible.

To find out more about trampolining check out Scott's club website at  To learn more about the Newham Sports Academy you can find out all about it at

Note to Editors: Picture © David Wright, 2007