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National Finalists - the day Jack came

Jack Kelly with National Finalists
Jack, Chrissie, Josh & Susanna
Jack Kelly, England National Development Coach for British Gymnastics and erstwhile coach to no less than two former world champions, popped in to Brentwood Trampoline Club this week to oversee the final preparation of the club's 3 National Finallists.  

The Nationals, taking place next weekend(23rd/24th July)  at the NIA in Birmingham, is the culmination of every gymnasts competitive year and based on their performances this year all three stand a good chance of winning a medal. Pictured with Jack are Chrissie Law, 17, from Brentwood who will be competing in the Under-19 Ladies national C finals, Josh Newman, 12, from Noak Bridge who will be competing in the Under-13 Boys national C and Susanna Badley, 13, from Hornchurch who will be competing in the Under-15 Girls national C.

All three have trained with Brentwood from their very early days in trampolining and have progressed through the grading system delighting audiences wherever they compete with the elegance of their style - a trademark of the club which prides itself on high-quality above all else.

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