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Ipswich Success

Winning ways with under-13 girls grade G
Winning ways with under-13 girls grade G
Brentwood Trampoline Club members exceeded expectations at the British Gymnastics' Eastern Region grading competition held in Ipswich last weekend.  With 20 of its members competing on the day no less that 16 took individual medals with a further two also joining in a winning team result.  Several also achieved personal best scores.  The club was also the only one at the competition to see  members achieving so-called 'leap-frog' qualifications whereby the performer is qualified to compete two grades higher than their present grade in a future grading.  With 4 grades, G to D, competing in a number of age groups the club saw success at every level:

Paul Kitchen, the club's Head Coach, said "these results are attributable to the detail attention we pay to good form in our club.  This has shown to give good results for several years now with the club having a good track record of producing successful national & even international performers."

The club is always looking for those with a desire to compete and succeed; if you feel that you have the qualities necessary to join this successful club, find out more about sessions and trials at their website  You can also find the club on Facebook & Twitter.