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Eric visits our 12th Annual Open

Eric Pickles with O15 E team 
Eric Pickles with Brentwood's winning Over-15 Grade E team.
The Rt. Hon. Eric Pickles, Member of Parliament for Brentwood and Ongar, was the surprise VIP guest at the 12th annual Open Trampoline Competition hosted by Brentwood Trampoline Club at the Brentwood School Sports Centre.  Attracting nearly 300 entries from around the East & London regions, competing in 29 different classes, this is one of the largest events of its kind every year and also keeps alive the memory of Georgia Cordery with two trophies available for those showing the highest quality form.

With competitors ranging in ability from raw beginners competing at I grade to national standard competing at B & C grades the day offered a wide range of experience for the audience with many youngsters in their first competition delighting the audience and judges alike.  The top end of competition was more demanding with many of those competing at grade C & above expecting to be in the hunt for the prestigious Georgia Cordery trophies. 

Mr Pickles said,

"I was very surprised to see so many people here.  It is a much larger event than I thought it would be and I am impressed with the amount of organisation that has obviously gone into producing a very successful competition. It is particularly good to see so many young people enjoying their sport."

Later Mr Pickles was pleased to be able to present some trophies and team awards including (see picture) those for Vanessa Lewis (right) and Abbie-Jo Goldsmith (left) taking 1st & 2nd in the Over-15 E grade joined by Nicola Miller (centre) to take team gold as well.

For the third year running, both Georgia Cordery trophies were won by members of Brentwood Trampoline Club with Kensie Sherlock taking the over-13 trophy (Brentwood's Lauren Michaels in 3rd place) and Joshua Newman taking the under-13 with Georgia Tyrrell & Maddison Merrittt (both only grade E) making it a Brentwood 1-2-3.  The club was also pleased with its overall results with 16 individual trophy winners, 5 team winners and almost too many new personal best scores to count.  More details of the results are available at

Brentwood Gazette article - published 9th November 2011 - p62

Brentwood Gazette 9th November 2011Click on thumbnail for larger image.