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34th Friendship Cup Poster34th Trampoline Friendship Cup

Held at Kladno, just outside Prague in the Czech Republic, this open international competition pulls in highly talented performers from throughout Europe.  The competition format for trampolining was to compete just two discrete age groups being under-17 and over-17 in both the ladies and men's disciplines.  For the three Brentwood Trampoline Club members who entered the competition in the under-17 group this year, this meant a major step up since all three, Scott Gregory, Stephen Page and Natasha Holme, currently compete in the under-15 age groups and so were more than 2 years younger than many of those they were competing against.

Notwithstanding that all three more than help their own and achieved credible results as well as a wonderful experience of competing in an international competition.  Their actual scores and relative places were:

Performer Set Vol SubT Tot Place
Natasha Holme 23.1 21.4 + 8.1 29.5 52.6 19 / 33
Scott Gregory 22.8 22.4 + 10.0 32.4 55.2 * 16 / 45
Stephen Page 22.6 20.6 + 8.2 28.8 51.4 26/45

٭ New personal best score by 0.7

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The full results from the competition are available here - in Czech of course.