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Pegasus Open, 14th June 2009

This new Open competition on our calendar was designed for the lower Club and regional Grades and with only a few late Grade F entries the grade G were 'top-dogs' for a change.  With just 10 members making it there on the day all bar 2 came away with a trophy or medal and those who didn't were pleased with their performances although some generous judging on the panel the Club H & I competitors were bouncing on could make it a challenge for them to beat their new personal best scores for some while.

Highlights were:

Club members' scores

A summary extract of our own members' results are provided below.

Class Name Set Voluntary Totals Place  
U11 Club I Amy Richardson 22.9 α 23.6 46.5 α 1/10  
U9 Club H Joe Martin 22.0 α 22.1 44.1 α 4/5  
U9 Club H Mollie Harris 23.0 α 23.2 46.2 α 3/5  
U13 Club H Georgie Harris 22.6 α 22.6 45.2 α 6/10 Team 1st
U13 Club H Fiona Humphries 23.3 α 23.2 46.5 α 3/10 Team 1st
U13 Club H Sophie Harris 23.3 α 23.6 46.9 α 2/10 Team 1st
U11 Reg G Emma Martin 22.0 22.2 44.2 2/7  
U11 Reg G Kendra Sherlock 21.2 21.4 42.6 5/7  
U13 Reg G Victoria Webb 21.3 22.0 43.3 3/11  
U13 Reg G Rebecca Martin 22.2 22.6 44.8 2/11  

α New Personal Best score