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Hull Gala Weekend - 6th-7th March 2010

Four travelled to Hull and all four made finals whilst also qualifying to National Finals so a pretty good weekend!

Charlotte & Hannah were competing on the Saturday in their first FIG B competition, the first round saw them comfortably in 4th & 5th places respectively but Charlotte slipped back two places in the first voluntary to 6th.  Having made the final round both girls upped their performance to end with Hannah in 4th and Charlotte in 5th surprising many more experienced campaigners in this group although just missing out on podium places.

Sunday saw Chrissie Law in the Under-17 & Anthony Williams in the Over-19 National C grades with both performing equally well in their groups.  Chrissie had to contend with the largest competition group, facing 31 others, but settled into 7th place after the set round and then maintaining that place into the final; as ever there is often an 'if-only' and in this case had she been able to repeat her voluntary round scores in the final she would have edged up a place into 6th - maybe next time.  Anthony followed a similar track, starting and finishing in a solid 5th place in his 17-strong group and with a similar 'if-only' could possibly have made a podium position.

Their detailed results were:

Competitor Group Set Vol SubT Final Total Place Qualification
Hannah McCann U15 FIG B 22.9 22.4 + 7.6 (30.0) 52.9 22.6 + 7.6 (30.2) 83.1 4/15 Nationals
Charlotte Webb U15 FIG B 23.3 21.9 + 7.5 (29.4) 52.7 22.5 + 7.5 (30.0) 83.1 5/15 Nationals
Chrissie Law U17 Nat C 22.6 22.2 + 6.3 (28.5) 51.1 21.8 + 5.8 (27.6) 78.7 7/32 Nationals
Anthony Williams O19 Nat C 21.9 21.1 + 8.3 (29.4) 51.3 20.5 + 8.3 (28.8) 80.1 5/17 Nationals