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Hatfield Gala - 28th-29th January 2012

All six of those travelling to Hatfield for this gala had cause for nerves, with Lauren & Lucy never having competed at National level before, Kensie having hurt her foot the previous evening and returning to this level after a few years, Chrissie & Susanna venturing into FIG B for the first time and Josh determined to get back there.  In the event there was at least cause for future confidence with either medals or good experience to take away with them.

First to compete on the Saturday was Susanna, laying in 5th after the set round and despite lower tariff than nearly all those she was competing against, her strong form and height lifted her to 3 place after the voluntary, a position she held after the final to take 3rd place medal and a place secured at National Finals.  Chrissie fared less well and although after her set she was 'in the pack' behind the leading group, a small error in her voluntary cost her dearly on form leaving her with a caution to carry forward to the next competition.

Sunday saw the three under 15 National C girls split over the 5 flights of this 53 strong group.  Lucy went in the first flight and held onto a final position right up until the penultimate flight, lying in 14th place overall after set round scores her voluntary lifted her two places to 12th overall to secure an automatic National's place.  Kensie was on in the second flight and despite sustaining an injury to her foot the previous evening was imperious throughout with scores that kept her in front through each round (personal best preliminary and finals round-ups) securing the winners medal as well as a promotion offer to FIG B and qualification to Nationals.  Being one of the last to compete in the last flight Lauren, probably with the added pressure of Josh competing at the same time just two beds away, only completed 3 moves in her set routine before landing on the mats, now knowing she was likely to end on a caution she went back to perform her voluntary which she aced with scores that would certainly have put her in the middle of the group had she finished her set. 

Josh in the under 15 National C boys group followed a parallel track to Kensie earlier in this single flight competition leading from the beginning with three new personal best scores nobody else could touch and securing his valued promotion offer to FIG B as well as gold medal en-route.

Their detailed results were:

Competitor Group Set Vol SubT Final Total Place Qualification
Chrissie Law U19 FIG B 23.7+13.44*
20.8+7.5+13.87* 42.17 79.31     79.31 13/15  
Susanna Badley U15 FIG B 22.2+13.99*
22.7+7.0+13.865* 43.57 79.76 28.6+6.4+13.66* 42.26 122.02 3/13 Nationals
Joshua Newman U15 Nat C 25.8 ☺ 26.1+5.7 31.8 57.6 ☺ 25.3+6.3 31.6 89.2 ☺ 1/11 FIG B
Kensie Sherlock U15 Nat C 24.9 25.4+5.3 30.7 55.6 ☺ 25.4+5.3 30.7 86.3 ☺ 1/53 FIG B
Lucy Phillips   23.4 24.2+5.1 29.3 52.7     52.7 12/53 Nationals
Lauren Michaels   6.6(3) 22.3+5.1 27.4 34.0       51/53  

* - time of flight score now applied to FIG B competitors
☺ - New personal best score

Brentwood Gazette article - published 8th February 2012 - p62

(Sadly heavily truncated report on Hatfield Gala)

Brentwood Gazette report February 2012Click on thumbnail for larger image.