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Harlow Grading 3-5, 22nd June 2008

A somewhat muted competition this one, being the last of the old format BG regional competitions.  The next grading, being held in Ipswich in October, will be the first to run the new grading system and it is likely that many potential competitors did not enter this competition in order to focus on the new routines.

First of our members to compete was Lizzie Nicholls in the under-15 grade 3 who, although missing her goals of qualifying, did improve on her March placing by 2 places finishing in 11th.  Next up were two first-timers, Abbie Gunton & Nicole Ballantyne, and 'old-timer' Harriet Gill.  Abbie overcame her nerves to perform two highly competent routines and ended in 6th place of a very large group, Harriett tried hard and took a good 3rd place although missed on her qualifying objective, Nicole let the nerves get to her in the voluntary round but showed her potential by coming back strongly in the final.

Daniel Frost was on mid-morning, overlapping Nicole and Harriett, and showed good effort in working his newly acquired arm-sets consistently and maintained overall marks close to his earlier outings this year with Twisters, and a new personal best in the set round - he also took 2nd place.

Georgia Walker continued to impress with good form marks giving her 2nd place and missing qualifying by just over one mark.  Emma Frost, also competing in her first competition for Brentwood, had been struggling to adopt arm-set and good barani technique in training but proved her ability in competition with near-consistent use of both and a clean sweep of new personal best scores - unfortunately she just missed out on a trophy.

The last pair to compete were Mark Hardiman and Emma Richardson.  Mark, unfortunately lacking any competition, made a rare error in the voluntary lapsing his concentration and bombing out after his first move; determined to prove a point, though, he decided to 'compete' the final round where his routine was well performed.  Emma, making her first competition for some while having been suffering numerous injury issues, performed very well with two new personal best scores and a second place trophy to her credit.

Members' scores

A summary extract of our members' results are provided below ( * new personal best scores).

Class Name Set Voluntary Sub-Total Final Totals Pos Qualification
Form+D Tot Form+D Tot    
U15 F G3 Elizabeth Nicholls 21.8 22.1+2.9 25.0 46.8     46.8 11/15   50.0
U17 M G3 Daniel Frost 22.2 * 22.1+5.0 27.1 49.2 22.1+5.0 27.1 76.3 2/6   50.0
O17 F G3 Emma Frost 22.6 * 21.9+5.0 26.9 49.5 * 21.9+5.0 26.9 76.4 * 4/6   50.0
O17 M G4 Mark Hardiman 21.9 4.0+0.6 4.6 26.5 21.8+2.5 24.3 50.8 1/1   49.0
O17 F G4 Emma Richardson 20.9 21.6+2.5 24.1 45.0 * 21.3+2.5 23.8 68.8 * 2/4   49.0
U13 F G4 Harriet Gill 22.6 21.8+2.2 24.0 46.6 22.4+2.2 24.6 71.2 3/11   48.5
U13 F G4 Nicole Ballantyne 21.0 13.5+1.5 15.0 36.0 21.3+2.2 23.5 59.5 10/11   48.5
U17 F G4 Georgia Walker 22.3 22.6+3.0 25.6 47.9 22.8+3.0 25.8 73.8 2/8   49.0
U13 F G5 Abbie Gunton 22.3 21.9+1.5 23.4 45.7     45.7 6/26   47.5