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Harlow Grading 3-5, 11th June 2006

On an exceptionally hot day this competition was difficult for everybody competing as well as those watching.  Despite that some creditable performances and some unfortunate errors.

Club members' scores

A summary extract of our own members' results are provided below.

Class Name SetVoluntary Final Totals Pos Qual Team
Form+D Sub-Tot Form+D
U15 M G3Altay Erol2.1 22.3+4.028.4 -- 4/4   
U15 M G3Jonathan Owen21.9 21.2+3.546.6 21.7+3.572.1 3/4  
U13 F G5Charlotte Hussey21.4 22.1+1.545.0 --5/13   
U13 M G5Harry Gannon ٭4.0 (2) 22.5+2.028.5 --6/6   
U13 F G3Laura Cornish22.2 22.0+4.548.7 22.6+4.575.8 1/18QT 1st
U13 F G3Ellie Clarke22.6 22.2+2.947.7 22.3+2.972.9 5/18 T 1st
U13 F G3Chrissie Law ٭21.9 21.9+3.647.4 22.1+3.072.5 6/18 T 1st
U13 F G4Bethany Chambers ٭22.0 22.8+2.247.0 22.6+2.271.8 4/9  
U17 F G3Ellie Law ٭18.7 21.6+3.825.4 4.0+1.2 (2)49.3 6/8  
U15 M G4Alex Tucker ٭23.4 22.6+3.349.3 23.7+2.275.2 1/10Q  
U9 F G3Kensie Sherlock22.8 23.1+2.748.6 23.2+2.774.5 1/2Q 
U17 F G4Lauren Raison17.7 20.8+2.541.0 21.3+2.564.8 5/8  

٭ First time at this grade.

Personal Best Improvements

Charlotte Hussey improved on her previous PB2 achieved at the Brentwood Grading by 0.4 taking her to 45.0.

Chrissie Law competing at the first time at grade 3 did exceptionally well improving on both PB2 by 1.3 to 47.4 and her PB3 by 1.8 to 72.5.

Bethany Chambers followed suit, having been concerned about moving to grade 4 she achieved not only a decent place but improved her PB2 by 0.3 to 47.0 and established a PB3 of 71.8.

We don't normally mention PBs for first time competitors at a BG competition but Alex Tucker's deserve some mention - rarely does somebody start off with PBs as high as those he scored here at Harlow.

Last improvements of the day came from Kensie Sherlock who creamed her PBs with PB1 up 0.2 to 22.8, PB2 up 1.3 to 48.6 and PB3 up by 5.1 to 74.5.