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Eastleigh Gala Weekend - 9th-10th February 2008

This being the first of the new format gala weekends it was effectively a new start for everybody.  Although both grade 1 and grade 2 competitors were still be looking for qualification to their respective national finals retention is no longer a focus - rather it is to attain a score sufficient to qualify for competition at either National C or FIG B next year.  Our members achieved mixed success in these endeavours.

With the grade 2 competition on the Saturday we had two performers - Hannah McCann in the the under-13 and Anthony Williams in the over-19.  Both qualified to compete in National C in 2009 but only Hannah managed to qualify to the National Finals.  In winning her 43-strong group (by a substantial margin and with a clean sweep of 8-plus scores in the final round) she also posted 3 new personal best scores.

The grade 1 competition followed on the Sunday with bad news as Matthew Wright's knee was troubling him so he had to withdraw.  Scott Gregory, Stephen Page, Gemma Phillips & Natasha Holme in the boys and girls Under-17 groups respectively were all competing at the same time but it was definitely a competition of two halves. Scott & Stephen were both pulling out all the stops with strong performances seeing them both into the final round.  Stephen had started off with a superb set routine putting him in 2nd place and Scott 3 places behind in 5th, Scott's higher tariff saw these positions pretty much reversed after the voluntary with Stephen dropping to 6th (largely due to lower difficulty) and Scott assuming 2nd place.  With both through to the final round Scott just missed catching his rival by 1.2 points finishing in second place on 93.6 against the winner's 94.8 but still having comfortably qualified to both National finals and for FIG B competition next year; Stephen stayed in 6th place but, in doing so, still posted a new personal best score and qualified both to finals and FIG B.  In contrasting form, Gemma & Natasha both gave disappointing performances with neither making finals or achieving qualifying scores - both have since vowed to redress this at the next competition!

Their results were:

Competitor Group Set Vol SubT Final Total Place Qualification
Hannah McCann G2 U13 Girls 24.3 ٭ 23.1+4.8 (27.9) 52.2 ٭ 24.1+4.8 28.9 81.1 ٭ 1/43 Qualified Nationals & National C
Anthony Williams G2 O19 Boys 22.5 21.3+6.8 (27.9) 50.6     50.6 10/23 Qualified National C
Gemma Phillips G1 U17 Girls 20.4 20.3+7.0 (27.3) 47.7     47.7 26/28  
Natasha Holme G1 U17 Girls 22.2 21.4+7.8 (29.2) 51.4     51.4 17/28  
Scott Gregory G1 U17 Boys 22.9 21.8+13.4 (35.2) 58.1 22.1+13.4 35.5 93.6 2/13 Qualified Nationals, M/L & FIG B
Stephen Page G1 U17 Boys 23.8 21.0+10.1 (31.1) 54.9 22.4+10.1 32.5 87.4 ٭ 6/13 Qualified Nationals & FIG B
Matthew Wright Men's Grade 1 W/D                

٭ New personal best score