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The following is drawn from the old BTF handbook. 

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Position of the Limbs

General Principles    

Tuck Position

Jumps & Somersaults without twist
Position of hands, arms    

Pike Position

Vertical Jumps, angle upper body to legs
Position of legs with respect to horizontal
Position of the hands      
Straddle - Opening of the legs  
Somersaults without twist
Multiple Somersaults with twist      

Straight Position

Somersaults without twist – bending of the body
Somersaults with twist -  bending of the body    
Somersaults with twist – positioning of the arms      
Position of the head        

Puck Position

Multiple somersaults with twist – angle upper-body / thigh      


Opening of the somersault after the vertical    
Landing, bending of the knees / feet        

Loss of height

Taking off from feet    
Taking off from front, back or seat landings