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Birmingham Grade 1 - 24th March 2007

With Gemma Phillips away in a cross-country championship we had three competitors at this competition, Natasha Holme, Scott Gregory and Stephen Page.  Their results were:

Competitor Group Set Vol SubT Final Total Place Qualification
Natasha Holme U15 Girls 24.6 21.8 + 8.9 (30.7) 55.3     55.3 9/38 Qualified Nationals
Stephen Page U15 Boys 23.8 ٭ 22.0 + 8.2 (30.2) 54.0 ٭ 22.4 + 8.2 (30.6) 84.6 2/15 Qualified Nationals
Scott Gregory U17 Boys 23.3 10.5 +7.7 (18.2) 41.5     41.5 18/21  

 ٭ New Personal Best scores

Natasha improved her form significantly (by 0.7) from Eastleigh and with an additional whole mark on tariff held form there as well dropping just 0.2 compared to last time out.  Although improving her placing, though, in a larger group, she just missed out on the finals by one place on tie-break.  Qualifying to Nationals again, Natasha was just 0.7 off the mark to qualify to Ladies as well.

Stephen went a little better though after his disappointment at Eastleigh, picking up by just 0.3 in the set round his voluntary was nearly 2 marks better propelling him into the final in 2nd place - a position he held with even better marks on his second voluntary.  This is an important step for Stephen putting him in with a good chance of a world age groups selection.

Scott, back from his skiing break, performed a reasonable set routine but then, despite a good start, fluffed his 6th move in the voluntary landing on the end deck.  He is looking to do better in Cardiff!