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Birmingham NIA National Finals - 18th-19th July 2009

Some of our Finalists

Charlotte, Stephen, Hannah & Scott
(Chrissie not pictured)

These first National Finals held in the new grading format saw a slightly reduced squad of five attending from Brentwood compared to six last year.  Although competing in new grades and age groups the format was the same with the preliminary rounds taking place on the Saturday and then the top eight performers in each grade/age competing again on the Sunday in a ‘zero-start’ final.

Prelim Day

Probably the biggest changes were experienced by the National C performers who had competed in Grade 2 last year since the new grade has seen an influx of ex-grade 1 performers.  Nevertheless all our performers started the day with solid set round scores reflecting their general ranking in their groups.

The 36-strong Under 19 FIG B group saw Scott Gregory lying in 3rd place with a form score of 24.4 and Stephen Page in 9th scoring 23.6 placing both boys well for the voluntary round.  Chrissie Law was in the huge Under 19, National C group with 79 others and did well to get 38th after the set scoring 22.2.  Hannah McCann & Charlotte Webb were against 66 others in the under 15 National C and finished the set round in 2nd and 10th places respectively scoring 24.0 and 23.2.

Unfortunately the voluntary round saw a division appear.  Whilst Stephen performed consistently well scoring 32.2 to reach the final round in 5th place, Scott, recovering from flu, run out of steam finishing only 5 moves and so not qualifying.  Chrissie was not at her best level although still posted respectable scores but also didn’t make finals.  Hannah and Charlotte saw another split with Hannah steaming ahead with good form and competitive levels of difficulty to go into the final round in 2nd place but Charlotte slightly under-rotating her 8th move thereby compromising her remaining moves with consequential loss of form.

The round-up of scores at the end of Saturday was:

Group Performer Set Rank Vol Total Rank Outcome
Under 19 FIG B Scott Gregory 24.4 3rd 10.5 + 6.7 41.6 30th Final place out of 36
  Stephen Page 23.6 9th 22.1 + 10.1 55.8 5th Qualified to finals day
Under 19 Nat C Chrissie Law 22.2 35th 21.8 + 5.1 49.1 59th Final place out of 80
Under 15 Nat C Hannah McCann 24.0 2nd 22.6 + 7.5 54.1 2nd Qualified to finals day
  Charlotte Webb 23.2 10th 21.7 + 6.4 51.3 23rd Final place out of 68

Finals Day

With only the first 8 in each group qualifying, the Sunday, saw just two of our members through to the final rounds where all previous scores are disregarded in a so-called ‘zero-final’. 

Both Stephen and Hannah rose to the challenge and with admirable consistency in form, both pulled up a place resulting in Hannah winning the Under-15 National C competition scoring 23.3+7.5 with a 3-round aggregate personal best score of 85.0 and Stephen taking 4th place in the Under-19 FIG B with identical scores to his vol. of 22.1+10.1.  Both were delighted with their success and trophies.

Stephen at presentationHannah's presentation