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Birmingham NIA National Finals - 14th-15th July 2007

Scott   Stephen

We had three members travel to Birmingham for the annual National Finals competition in the NIA together with their coach Paul Kitchen. Just qualifying for this competition puts you firmly in the top of the sport, reaching the second day puts you near the pinnacle. Natasha Holme, Stephen Page (both under-15) and Scott Gregory (under-17) all reached the finals and were hoping to make the second day of the competition. (Scott pictured above and Stephen on right - both in action during the final round).

Unfortunately for 'Tash, she came down with a bug before travelling and was unable to attend the practice session on Friday. Despite this she competed as well as she could on the Saturday but, unfortunately, her dream finish had to be put on hold for a year. Stephen and Scott both fared better improving their positions round-by-round, and went through to the final day in 7th and 4th places in their age groups respectively. Following a stunning voluntary routine Scott pulled up an amazing 4 places to take third and was duly followed later in the day by Stephen also pulling up to take third place.

Their results were:

Competitor Group Set Vol SubT Final Total Place
Natasha Holme U15 Girls 24.2 (15th) 21.3 + 7.7 (29.0) 53.2     53.2 21/28
Stephen Page U15 Boys 23.0 (5th) 21.3 + 8.2 (29.5) 52.5 (4th) 23.0 + 8.2 (31.2) 83.7 3/14
Scott Gregory U17 Boys 24.0 (8th) 21.6 + 11.4 (33.0) 57.0 (7th) 23.1 + 11.8 (34.9) 91.9٭ 3/24

 ٭ New Personal Best score