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Birmingham Gala Weekend - 10th-11th May 2008

With only 2 members competing each day this was a lightly attended competition but we had some good results despite that.

Saturday saw Stephen Page & Natasha Holme competing in the under-17 grade 1 competitions.  'Tash was in a large group of 29 and after set was in 7th place; despite having a lower than average tariff, however, strong form marks in her vol and final round saw her pull up to 5th place overall. Steve's hard work in training recently and his consistency paid dividends; in the race for a medal from the first round Steve started in 3rd place, went into the final in 3rd place and then as the 2nd placed competitor faltered, snatched 2nd place.

Sunday was grade 2 day with Kensie Sherlock competing in under-11 and Chrissie Law chasing the elusive qualification to National Finals in the under-15.  Despite scoring 8's, Kensie was surprised to find herself lying 7th after the set round 0.7 behind the leader; showing character and determination, however, she scored impressively in the voluntary and final rounds pulling up through 3rd to 2nd place ending just 0.2 behind the winner and snatching 2 new personal best scores en-route.    Chrissie started off with a personal best score in her set placing her in 2nd going into the vol, where despite a relatively low tariff, good form kept her in touch in 5th place going into the final.  Unfortunately, an unusual mistake in the final saw her drop back to 8th place - more importantly though, she had qualified for Nationals!

Their results in more detail were:

Competitor Group Set Vol SubT Final Total Place Qualification
Natasha Holme U17 G1 23.6 23.1+7.9 (31.0) 54.6 22.5+7.9 (30.4) 85.0 5/29 Nationals
Stephen Page U17 G1 23.7 21.7+10.1 (31.8) 55.5 21.6+10.1 (31.7) 87.2 2/8 Nationals
Kensie Sherlock U11 G2 23.6 23.6+4.7 (28.3) 51.9 ٭ 23.8+4.7 (28.5) 80.4 ٭ 2/27 Nationals
Chrissie Law U15 G2 23.6 ٭ 23.0+5.1 (28.1) 51.7 18.6+3.8 (22.4) 74.1 8/50 Nationals

 ٭ New Personal Best score