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Birmingham NIA National Finals - 5th-6th July 2008

Slideshow from Birmingham
With eight members qualified to travel to the Nationals this year we had high hopes but some mixed outcomes.  Qualifying rounds for all performers took place on Saturday 5th and only those finishing in the top 8 places competed again in the finals on Sunday 6th - only 3 of our members made it to Sunday. in good form with Scott, Kensie & Hannah all being tipped to be in contention for gold medals and Stephen, Natasha & Anthony all looking good enough to final if not even podium.  In their large groups Chrissie and Gemma would do well to get in the top half.

Warm-ups on Saturday saw Kensie, Hannah & Scott in particular in excellent form and drawing admiring comments; sadly this was where Kensie & Gemma's competition would end as neither were able to compete and so were withdrawn.

Set rounds saw Stephen (tied in 5th), Scott (tied in 5th), Natasha (7th) & Hannah (1st) all in contention for finals places with Chrissie (15th) and Anthony (11th) having some work to do.  The voluntary rounds saw major turnarounds though, as Stephen stranded himself near the side-pads after 9 moves and dropped out of contention, Scott similarly only performing 9 moves nevertheless did so with consummate style to keep on track, 'Tash although completing her Vol did so without her usual style and fell down the order, Chrissie let nerves get the better of her whilst Anthony kept his under control with a consistent performance pulling him into contention.

Finals day, then, saw only Scott, Hannah & Anthony competing but what a day for them.  Anthony maintained his cool and pulled up from 7th to 5th place overall, Hannah continued her domination with new personal best scores to win her group whilst Scott maintained 4th place despite a stunning end of routine topple after his outbounce.  (See video here)

Their results were:

Competitor Group Set Vol SubT Final Total Place
Natasha Holme U17 Girls G1 23.4 (7th) 22.0 + 8.1 (30.1) 53.5 (12th)     53.5 12/27
Gemma Philips U17 Girls G1 w/d           0.0 -
Scott Gregory U17 Boys G1 23.1 (=5th) 18.0 + 12.4 (30.4) 53.5 (4th) 18.8 + 14.0 (32.8) 86.3 4/14
Stephen Page U17 Boys G1 23.1 (=5th) 15.2 + 7.8 (23.0) 46.1 (11th)     46.1 11/14
Kensie Sherlock U11 Girls G2 w/d           0.0 -
Hannah McCann U13 Girls G2 24.7 (1st) 23.5 + 5.5 (29.0) 53.7 (1st)٭ 24.1 + 5.5 (29.6) 83.3٭ 1/44
Chrissie Law U15 Girls G2 22.6 (15th) 21.5 + 5.1 (26.6) 49.2 (30th)     49.2 30/38
Anthony Williams O19 Male G2 21.8 (11th) 22.2 + 7.5 (29.7) 51.5 (7th) 22.7 + 7.5 (30.2) 81.7 5/19

 ٭New Personal Best score