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Birmingham NIA National Finals - 23rd-24th July 2011

Waiting to compete in finals after march-on
An indication of the scale of the NIA as Josh & Susanna wait to compete in finals following their march-on
Following disappointing results last year this was a great competition for us with excellent outcomes.

With three competiing only Josh had a relatively simple, one-flight competition; both Chrissie and Susanna had large groups and so having competed their preliminaries were left to the vagaries of judge-drift and uncertainty.  Nevertheless, day one saw all three through to the finals day with Josh leading, Susanna 2nd (having made a small error in her set) and Chrissie 3rd on tie break. 

The finals day itself left time for nerves to build as the NIA was first treated to the GMPD finals, nevertheless, as they each went to compete they all worked their routines to great effect to emerge as medallists with Susanna & Josh both winning and Chrissie, absolutely delighted, having broken her run of 4th places to take 3rd!

See our press release on these results as well with a photo of the medallists.



The round-up of scores was:

Competitor Group Set Vol SubT Final Total Place
Susanna Badley U15 Nat C 23.1 23.2 + 6.8 (30.0) 53.1 23.1 + 6.8 (29.9) 83.0 1/46
Chrissie Law U19 Nat C 25.1 ☺ 22.5 + 7.5 (30.0) 55.1 ☺ 22.2 + 7.5 (29.7) 84.8 ☺ 3/38
Josh Newman U13 Nat C 24.2 23.6 + 6.3 (29.9) 54.1 22.6 + 6.3 (28.9) 83.0 1/13

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